SecWal - The original with coin pocket


SecWal – a brilliant universal talent and a long-awaited ticket to a new lifestyle made for functionality, reliability, and sophistication.
With space for 10 cards, bills and coins, SecWal is a small, minimalist wallet the size of a card case. Cashless payment is done in no time because with the Easy-Slide Technology you immediately have the right card at hand.


What is SecWal? SecWal is a security wallet. A small, minimalistic card case with wallet serving the countless important functions that we demand and expect of it. The premium-quality craftsmanship of SecWal leather products stands out with its beautifully sewed seams, slots, and coin pocket. Most importantly, the aluminium RFID and NFC secure card compartment protects your data from unauthorized readouts, which ultimately, protects you. The noble matt surface of the card compartment not only exudes high-quality, it’s also practical and convenient. Your credit cards, driver’s license, and ID card are quickly prioritized, tiering out from the EASY-SLIDE technology compartment.

„Protect your finances and yourself – with SecWal.“

Product Founder


This slender wallet made of real leather is a prime example of high-quality craftsmanship, and with its numerous slots and separate bill compartment, it’s a wallet in a class all its own. Meticulous workmanship and the precise seam pattern make this card case a key accessory. With its small and compact size, it not only fits in ladies’ handbags and jackets, but also slips comfortably into trouser pockets.
The extra coin pocket allows for small change to be stowed away without any problems and is safely stored with a snap fastener or zipper.
The high-quality genuine leather lends the mini wallet a complete look while equipping it with faithful longevity and keeping your finances secure day in and day out.

„RFID wallets have simply become indispensable.“

SecWal Retailer


„Small, compact, and space for all of my cards. Great leather.“

Satisfied SecWal Customer


… a problem of the founder’s good friend. After his wallet was repeatedly stolen, he went on a search for a small, handy wallet. It had to combine everything that a large wallet offers, but it could not be any bigger than a card case and thereby fit into any pocket. Ramping up the level of difficulty, the wallet also had to look sporty and cool. Read More …


Emerging from the chance encounter of two creative and innovative minds, visionary ideas have flourished into something truly magnificent. Read More …


SecWal. Young, fresh and flexible, we place special emphasis on functionality and appearance. Read More …


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SecWal – a leather credit card case with wallet

Why choose SecWal? This card case is not only a strikingly elegant wallet, it’s exceptionally practical, compact, and with the RFID and NFC protection, it keeps every card safe. In particular, it’s the genuine leather that makes this smart wallet a beautiful, premium-quality piece. First-class craftsmanship is not only highlighted by the high-quality leather, but also by the precise seam pattern of the individually sewn components of each SecWal card case with wallet.
Especially as cashless payment is becoming ever more prevalent, the secure RFID and NFC wallet fits comfortably in trouser pockets and in ladies’ handbags and clutches. Each card is easily accessible thanks to the Easy-Slide mechanism. With one small movement of your thumb or index finger, the cards slide out of the compartment, tiered and prioritized. The most important card can be organized on top, and the payment process is completed in a matter of seconds. The card can then be simply slid back into the RFID and NFC compartment.
Inside our slender SecWal mini wallet, separate slots in the bill compartment can hold two additional cards. Parking vouchers, business cards, or tickets also fit perfectly here. Cash is slipped behind a leather flap and folding the wallet together keeps the bills flat and secured. The Prym brand security latch with snap fastener closes the RFID wallet securely and firmly.

A Smart Wallet with Coin Pocket

The separate coin pocket on the back of the wallet keeps small change safe and handy. It is available in various models of your choice, including a high-quality zipper or snap fastener from the brand Prym. Small change is easily stored. Absolutely safe – absolutely practical.
Whether you’re out and about, at a party, or enjoying a leisurely barbecue get-together, your small change is easily accessible. Fitting inside most any jacket or trouser pocket, the slender, compact SecWal mini wallet can go anywhere.
The coin pocket with snap fastener opens wide to offer comfortable access to your small change. Coins are stowed away quickly, easily, and safely. The pocket with zipper variation is even more slender. It lies even closer to the card case and is connected by a gusset, which makes the compartment stretch when opened and keeps coins from falling out.

RFID and NFC Safe and Durable

In times of cashless payment, it is crucial to secure our data with sufficient protection against unwanted card readouts by third parties. Our aluminum card compartment safeguards sensitive data on your healthcare and credit cards as well as on all other identification cards. RFID and NFC frequencies are shielded by the compartment. In addition to that, all of your cards are protected from bends and breaks. Amazing what this little wallet can do.

SecWal – That’s Why

SecWal is a small credit card case with wallet that matches perfectly with every outfit. Our wide assortment of colors and leathers supplies every taste with the perfect, life-long choice.

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