About - SecWal


Everything started with a problem of the founder’s good friend.

After his wallet was repeatedly stolen, he went on a search for a small, handy wallet. It had to combine everything that a large wallet offers, but it could not be any bigger than a card case and thereby fit into any pocket. Ramping up the level of difficulty, the wallet also had to look sporty and cool. After a lot of discussion and long nights of tinkering, they had the answer: SecWal.

The ingenious design of this wallet is that SecWal is a card case with space for 10 cards. It includes all of the features of a classic wallet but can easily be carried in one of your front pockets without the bulk. Stealing this wallet out of the pant pocket is almost impossible! SecWal thereby combines all of the advantages of a normal wallet and, with the special aluminum card holder designed with ingenious EASY-Slide technology, it also offers absolutely secure RFID card data readout protection.

Incidentally, the founder’s friend hasn’t been robbed since. Just the same, he still gets plenty of attention everywhere he goes with his sporty, cool SecWal wallet.