Philosophy - SecWal


Me. You. We. Vision is our inspiration and we are passionate about our product. Without losing sight of the individual, we work together as a team on continuous optimization, development and progress, taking our customers on this journey with us. High-quality workmanship combined with traditional craftsmanship and quality are just as important to us as durability and fair
conditions. It’s the only way that SecWal could become the unique product that it is today, and we are proud of the results of our work.

In order to create SecWal, making something that we can proudly hold in our hands, we have spent countless hours, days and nights meticulously refining our product. How often have we asked ourselves if the leather is good enough, if the colors are appealing and if the features of the wallet are clear and logical. Whether the size is right, whether the suitability and practicality are always user-friendly, that sufficient card slots and pockets are available, that the style and robustness are compliant and above all, whether the small card case meets our own standards, convincing not only our head but also our heart of its value and quality.

We wanted to make a special mark and fulfill our vision of creating a small but smart wallet with as much storage space as possible. A wallet where cash, cards and coins are always in the right place. For on the go, at hand or in your pants pocket, for traveling and on business, the SecWal card case is a loyal companion in your everyday life. A wallet where everything is in one place, nothing is lost and always at hand.

Together as a team, with tact and precision, we brought SecWal to the market and are pleased with the positive reception, the feedback and impulses as well as the constant strategic development. We value these qualities in our employees and customers and are grateful to be a part of it.

This is the only way could we have perfectly harmonized this small practical all-rounder to make us and, above all, our customers happy.