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Frequently asked questions FAQ

How to use the SecWal card case with wallet.

With the Easy-Slide technology, one small movement of your thumb or index finger is all it takes to slide the cards out of the RFID and NFC secure card compartment. They splay, slightly tiered, so that you can immediately see your various cards and quickly pull out the card of your choice. Simply push all of the other cards back into the RFID secure compartment. Super safe, super cool.

How many cards can the SecWal wallet hold?

DDepending on the thickness (and the imprinting) of the cards, our aluminum compartment can fit 6-7 cards. The Easy-Slide mechanism also works with one card, meaning the compartment doesn’t have to be completely full of cards to open. The cards are held securely in the compartment even if there is only one card inside. Inside the small wallet, two leather slots in the bill compartment can also hold additional cards, receipts, or vouchers. In total, the SecWal card case with wallet can hold up to 8-9 cards.

What does the card compartment protect against?

The aluminum card compartment protects your sensitive data on your ATM and credit cards, healthcare and other identification cards. RFID and NFC frequencies are shielded by the compartment. In addition to that, all of your cards are protected from bends and breaks.

What is the SecWal wallet made of?

The leather parts are made from premium-quality Napa leather or vintage leather. The card compartment is made of aluminum.

Is there a compartment for bills?

Yes, inside the card case with wallet, there is an excellently safe compartment to place bills. Cash is slipped behind a leather flap and folding the wallet together keeps the bills flat and secured.

Why choose SecWal?

SecWal wallets are premium, handcrafted products made of the finest Napa leather. Your cards are protected from readout, bending, breakage, and scratching in the aluminum Easy-Slide, RFID and NFC secure card compartment. Plus, your small change is always in a safe place in the coin pocket, which is available with either a zipper or snap fastener from Prym. The small, slender
wallet comes in a variety of colors and fits comfortably into most any trouser and jacket pocket. For these reasons, SecWal can accompany you securely through your day.

What is RFID and NFC?

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID for short, allows data to be automatically transmitted over radio waves and without contact. A reader and a receiver (transponder) are required for the RFID data exchange. As soon as the reader has decoded the code that the transponder contains, an electromagnetic alternating field is created. This field not only transmits the data, but also the energy that is required for it. If the reader and receiver chip or antenna are at a suitable distance from each other, the data exchange takes place through the electromagnetic waves.
NFC is a specialization in RFID technology. This is mainly used for the contactless transmission of data over short distances. This short distance ensures secure data transmission. This technology is currently used for credit cards, IDs, and ATM cards.
The SecWal card compartment is RFID and NFC secure, meaning that no unauthorized reading of your data can be obtained from your cards while in the compartment.

What countries do you ship to?

Currently, we ship our products within Germany and Austria. Please contact us if you would like to have your order sent to another country. Additional shipping costs may apply.

Free Shipping

Within Germany, we ship orders free of charge at order values of 40 euros or more. To Austria, at order values of 50 euros or more.


We ship within 2-4 working days.

There’s a problem with my SecWal wallet. What can I do?

If your SecWal product is not working properly or is defective in some way, please write us an email to
Our speedy and friendly service is there to help.